The California Food Company is #1 In Gluten Free Food

I love when I find a gluten free company that not only tastes absolutely amazing, but is also health conscious and strives to use the best ingredients possible.  That is exactly what I have found in The California Food Company.  I had the pleasure of meeting the president and founder of the company, Roberto Villani and his team, made up mostly of women, recently for an interview at their office in Playa Del Rey.

The California Food Company is a local company that began making a name for itself at local farmer's markets in 2009.  Robert initially found interest in gluten free food because he realized that after eating strictly gluten free he started to feel better inside and out.  He also, at the time, had a girlfriend who was gluten free and shopping for food was almost impossible.  Robert saw a need, not just for more convenient gluten free food available in grocery stores, but for convenient HEALTHY gluten free food, filled with rich flavors that would tempt any palette.

CFC uses locally sourced ingredients as often as possible, and their crusts are Non GMO Project Verified, the most rigorous certification attainable, all prepared in a certified gluten free facility and their pasta meals are completely organic.  Mr. Villani strives to make food taste better, so we we eat better and in the end makes you feel better.  Their mantra is "a healthy meal does not have to sacrifice taste, and a frozen meal does not have to sacrifice quality."




During the interview I had the opportunity to taste their products and all I can say is yuuuum!!! They have 3 types of gluten free pizza: Lactose Free Margherita, Mushroom Mozzarella, and Basil Pesto.  Their pizza is by far the best pizza I have ever tasted. There is plenty of cheese, its crunchy & crispy with plenty of sauce, lots of mushrooms for their mushroom pizza and they all bake up beautifully.  Below is a soundbite of the crunch I experienced while enjoying the pizza:



The company's Lactose Free/Gluten Free Pizza uses Wisconsin Parmesan Cheese aged to 0% lactose, which is certified and tested for lactose levels each and every time. Lactose is the sugar in dairy products and milk.  Mozzarella is used in their Mushroom and Basil Pesto pizza's.  Mozzarella and Parmesan are a safer choice for those with lactose issues because both have lower sugar contents overall.  Most of the lactose is drained of with the whey (liquid part) during processing, what remains in the curd turns into lactic acid as the cheese ripens.  A good indicator of lactose levels in a dairy product is the sugar content amount on label; the higher the sugar it contains, the more lactose there will be present. 



California Food Company also sells 2 packs of 8" & 12" pizza crusts.  The crusts, like their pizza, bake up so nice and crispy.  Every bite is a crunch without the worry of the softness in the middle I find with lots of gluten free pizza's out there.  I love these pizza crusts because there aren't many options available for toppings and this way I can make my own and know that it will be amazing when it comes steaming out of the oven.


  • Non-GMO Verified Crust

  • Natural Ingredients

  • No Preservatives

  • Award Winning Crust




When is comes to making pasta, who better to create it then someone born and raised in Italy, who knows pasta and knows the importance of rich tasting sauces that burst with flavor.  These 4 pasta's definitely deliver above and beyond.

All of the gluten free pasta's are created using the protein rich, fiber dense quinoa pasta with organic, non-GMO ingredients. The Pasta Primavera and Pink Sauce & Peas both have plenty of vegetables to make sure you are getting a daily dose without sacrificing any of the taste to do it.  I liked the fact that the vegetables weren't mushy like I usually find with frozen meals.  The Mac & Cheese drips with real cheese and has a perfect al dente consistency following throughout all of the pastas.  The Penne Tomato Basil had such a succulent aroma, it made my mouth water before I even had my first bite and didn't disappoint with the taste.


  • *Gluten Free

  • *Organic

  • *Quinoa Pasta

  • *NON-GMO

  • *No Preservatives

  • *Natural Ingredients

Where to Find

The California Food Company is a local company and can be found in California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and a few stores in Wyoming and Montana. Hopefully as they expand, more grocery stores around the country will pick them up for you to enjoy as well.  Here in California the pasta's are available in the DELI SECTION of Haggen's (taking over all Von's & Albertson's) towards the end of August with their GF/Organic Entrees and 12" GF Crust.  You can also find their pizza's and crusts at Ralph's, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Barons Market, Natural Grocers and Mother's Market & Kitchen.  Keep in mind you might want to call your local store ahead of time to make sure these products are available.

Meet the Team

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    • Geraldine
    • August 27, 2015

    noticed that you don’t do too many reviews, but when you do reviews, it’s something that you really like and that it’s healthy. I Think that it is great that you pick healthier options then most bloggers out there Who review products with lots of corn or soy and that are GMO or not organic and not really good for a gluten-free diet. Thank you for your continued honesty and hard work.

    • Todd
    • August 27, 2015

    I haven’t heard of this company but always looking for the best gf pizza, thanks!!

    • Jami
    • August 27, 2015

    I love the ‘crunch’ sound byte — sounds Yumm

    • Judith Fine-Sarchielli
    • August 20, 2015

    His products are not really gluten-free and safe. The contain cornstarch and other toxins. I would get very sick if I ate these products.

    If you tune into Dr Peter Osborne and others, you will learn that 95% of gluten-free foods are not safe due to the cross-contamination in the processing.

    Safest to eat organic, non-GMO produce and safe proteins such as grass-fed beef and wild salmon.

    1. Reply

      They might not be safe for you and your needs, but I assure you his products are all completely gluten free and GMO free. I’m not sure what cornstarch has to do with it and what other ‘toxins’ you are referring to.

    2. Reply

      And all of his products are made in a gfree facility, there is no cross contamination during processing

    3. Reply

      And then pastas are completely organic as well as non GMO and pizza crusts non gmo

    4. Reply

      We at California Food Company want to assure you that our products are definitely Gluten Free. Made in a certified gluten free factory, sealed and flash frozen, cross contamination cannot occur. Our factory has strict specifications we have listed below for you.

      We avoid cross-contamination of gluten having the following procedures in place:
      • Physical segregation of ingredients: Ingredients with allergens are stored separate from ingredients without allergens
      • Physical segregation and scheduling of the process: Even if we produce gluten and non-gluten base product they are produced in physically separate rooms (divided by a wall) or they are scheduled in a way that they would never be produced at the same time
      • Sanitation Program: Our sanitation program is validated to eliminate allergens from the processing lines, full cleaning/sanitation on daily basis
      • Gluten allergen test: We test our product for 10 p.p.m. of gluten on daily basis to ensure all of the gluten-free product is below the regulation limit of <20 ppm
      • All our programs are audited and validated by and external 3rd party audit (QAI/NSF) who issued our Gluten Free Certification

      1. Reply

        Thank you for addressing the comments in question

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