10 Celiac Disease Facts You Should Know

Here are 10 Facts you can pass on about Celiac Disease


1. Get Tested before going Gluten-Free

2. Celiac Disease is an Auto Immune Disease not an Allergy

3. 80% of People with Celiac Disease have NO Symptoms at all

4. Symptoms of Celiac Disease manifest differently in everyone and can manifest anywhere in the body, not just the intestines 

5. If left untreated, Celiac Disease can lead to a number of other auto immune diseases, cancer, malnourishment, vitamin deficiency or infertility

6. The ONLY treatment for Celiac Disease is a strict Gluten-Free Lifestyle

7. Celiac Disease can be Triggered at any time

8. If a Family Member has Celiac Disease, everyone should get Tested

9. 1 in 133 have Celiac Disease

10. You can be diagnosed with other conditions or diseases while undiagnosed Celiac disease continues to cause damage to your body


Lets celebrate life, be positive and bring change


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    • Janet Rörschåch
    • September 14, 2013

    Amen to number 1! How many people do I know say, “I think I’ll just cut out all wheat. Maybe I’ll lose weight then.” I always respond don’t.

    Know here’s the kicker. There is something called Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. This is the one that affects anything other than the intestines and, therefore can’t be medically tested. (Think emotional challenges, skin issues, inflammation, etc.) Doctor’s are getting smarter. They are beginning to understand that messages don’t just come from the brain. NCGI can’t be tested by biopsy on the filia. So, maybe my response should be, “What other problems are occurring?”

    1. I think that’s a perfect response!

    2. Yep jumping on fadwagon of gluten free is not going to necessarily bring you weight loss. Especially if you’re going from processed regular food to glutenfree processed food. Fruit n veggies are gluten free as well 🙂

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    Excellent things to know about Celiac Disease.

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