This list is comprised of textbook symptoms as well as symptoms I have come across through my own dealings with Celiac Disease and the many others I have had conversations with. What are/were your symptoms?

• Chronic Diarrhea
• Foul Smelling Stool
• Abdominal Distension – gas
• Recurrent Abdominal Pain
• Irritable Bowel or IBS
• Bloating
• Heartburn
• Ulcers
• Edema – swelling
• Chronic Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Listlessness
• Irritability and General Unhappiness
• Mood-Swings
• Depression
• Panic attacks
• Failure to Thrive
• Delayed Puberty
• Unexplained Weight loss or Weight Gain
• Vomiting
• Vertigo
• Nausea
• Dermatitis Herpetiformis – skin rashes, sores, bumps, redness, itching
• Hypoproteinemia- abnormally low level of protein in the blood
• Chronic fatigue
• General Malabsorption of Vitamins
• Iron-deficiency Anemia
• Folic Acid Deficiency
• Peripheral Neuropathy – nerve damage
• Chronic Migraine
• Brain Fog
• Unexplained Infertility
• Unexplained Abortion
• Cold Sores
• Skin Rashes
• Restless Leg Syndrome
• Cold, Tingling or Numbing in Hands & Feet
• Joint Pain
• Osteoporosis
• Damage to Dental Enamel

For the longest list of symptoms I have ever seen, click on link below from Cleo J. Libonati’s book,
Recognizing Celiac Disease:

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