I Wish I Would Have Brought My GF Snacks


If you are planning to be a social butterfly out and about, don’t forget to call ahead or plan ahead and come prepared with your own snacks just in case.  The worst thing is when everyone around you is having a great time and all you can concentrate on is the rumbling in your stomach and the headache starting to form in your brain.  

This is where you stop thinking and start taking more food risks, either with cross contamination or cheating on your strictly gluten free diet because you are hungry.  But, taking these chances will eventually end up ruining the day anyway when that gluten hits you and whatever symptoms are synonymous with you, hit you like a brick in the face.

I always have my handy dandy gluten free sack that I leave in my car filled with KIND & That’s It bars, raisins, dried fruit, nuts and anything else I can think of that will not spoil.  You never know when you might need to dig into your bag of GF goodies and tame the beast inside, it comes in handy more times than you think.






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    • Tanya Peters
    • August 29, 2014

    Yep, that’s me, the girl standing at a party with carrots in her hand. Brilliant!

    • Carol S.
    • August 29, 2014

    Thanks for the snack ideas, I always think about putting something in my car and then I forget until I need it.

    • James M.
    • August 29, 2014

    This weekend I have a lot of “social butterflying” to do, I can already feel my stomach starting to cramp up with stress about eating.

    • Camilla
    • August 29, 2014

    Love this and I love the little gf sack. I’m embarrassed to say I have been in this situation one too many times. Thanks for the reminder.

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