There are people that say that Himalayan Salt has many healing properties. I use pink salt for cooking and I have a salt bar that I rub my toothbrush on before I brush my teeth. I long threw away the regular iodized table salt.

Why do we need salt? We need small amounts to do things like: keep our body healthy, maintain blood pressure, contraction of muscles, transport nutrients to cells and help our thyroid (a gland in the neck that makes key hormones) run properly.

When we have too much salt hypertension becomes a problem; chronic hypertension damages the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. Other diseases associated with high salt content are: gastric cancer, osteoporosis and kidney stones. We need salt to live but too much will kill us; it is all about balance.

Table salt is highly over-processed and the more something is processed, the more danger it is to our health. Most of the naturally occurring minerals our body needs are eliminated and Iodine is added back in to prevent diseases like gout. An anti-clumping agent is added, aluminum (a heavy metal associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s) which also helps salt from drying out. Dextrose (from corn) is also added, affecting color, so salt is bleached to make it white again.

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is a high grade salt that helps regulate your body’s blood, containing 84 minerals and trace elements. It is unrefined, unprocessed, raw salt that’s hand-mined from salt caves created 250 millions of years ago from a dried up ocean. Because it is hand mined and aged, there are no pollutants or toxins.

Pink rock salt is said to have many different healing properties for things like: skin & joint diseases, Rheumatism, Gynecological issues & recurring infections. Also, a pink salt bath may be right up your alley after a bad camping or hiking trip. It’s healing effects have done wonders for insect bites, blisters, wounds, or skin irritations from poison oak, ivy or sumac.

Be wary of companies passing themselves off as Himalayan crystal salt when really what you are buying is rock salt. If you are using rock salt make sure to purchase food quality because this salt is also used for de-icing roadways and contain chemicals.

Sea salt comes from the sea and high grades of sea salt have microscopic sea life present providing iodine. If salt is white it has been bleached, non bleached should have a slightly grayish tone. High grade sea salt also will have all the 84 minerals and trace elements your body needs with nothing extra added. A very good chef friend of mine loves Celtic Sea Salt.

So there is the short version of salt and regardless which you choose, keep in mind, the whiter it is the more processed it is, just like sugar and flour.  If your diet is high in processed or packaged foods or lots of drive in meals, chances are that you may be getting to much salt in your diet, which puts added pressure on kidneys.  Your body can flush only so much out so it must find places in the body to store, which then can lead to many problems and disease.



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