17 Favorite Products I Found at Expo West

It's been a long time coming but my fave list from Expo West is finally here.  This is perfect timing for those that will be attending the 2015 National Conference and Gluten Free Expo sponsored by Celiac Disease Foundation on May 2-3 in Pasadena, CA or the the GF & AF Expo (Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo) in Chicago May 2-3, so you can keep an eye out for these great new products.

My criteria for 'top products' is:

  • taste
  • minimal processing
  • no GMO's
  • organic ingredients
  • use of ancient grains instead of corn or rice

This year Expo West was even bigger than the last two years and there were tons of products that I missed and did not see, there just was no way to see everything.  These products are not in any specific order, that being said, let's get to it.


Shanes Suzie_Lizann Liv-it-Up







org_0Wholesome Sweeteners has many amazing sweetening products.  I love this company not only for the delightful tastes, but for the mission and morality of the company.  These individual coconut sugar packs are not available for resale, they were samples given out at the expo.  I am adding this picture because I am hoping that enough people agree with me and let the company know that we would love these available in stores and on restaurant tables instead of sugar and artificial sweetener packs.

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go_0I Love this product.  And, even though it is fro babies and children, I eat it myself as an easy snack, an energy pick up or just because.  

















 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.05.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.03.55 PM

Kind Bars are one of my favorite companies not just because of their commitment to quality ingredients but to their 'Pay it Forward' belief.  Which, I myself wholeheartedly believe as well.  This is what they have to say:

"From the healthy snacks and foods we make, to our commitment to social entrepreneurship with impact, our focus is on making the world a little kinder, one act at a time (no arm-twisting here, promise). Our message of holistic kindness has been the foundation of KIND since day one. One simple, foundational belief underpins it all: There’s more to business than just profit.

It’s why we started the KIND Movement, why we believe the easier we make it for our community to surprise others with unexpected acts of kindness, the kinder our world will become. Big act or small, we encourage it — from writing a letter to someone who inspired you to planting thousands of trees to simply taking the time to say “thank you.”



1_0I love love love this product, you have to try it to believe it. 

As I was sitting an chatting with the CEO of the company, I pumped 5 sprays of 1 Hour Break underneath my tongue and literally within 5 minutes I could feel my body relax.  I was amazed. 

I am extremely critical of products, especially something like this one, and didn't really believe their claims.  But, after using it, I am now a believer and carry a bottle wherever I go.


I met Pamela for the first time when I was at Expo West and what an honor it was.  She is not only a beautiful person inside, she is a woman who cares about what is in her products and goes above and beyond to bring the best tasting gluten free products to you.

sn_0Snyder's is one of those companies that I enjoy because they taste great.  They use corn starch but are not non-GMO, so I am hoping in the future they re-think this.






sp_0 These are the best skin products I have ever used by far. They are made in South Africa & all ingredients are locally sourced.

I have been using the marula & baobab oil on my wrinkles and have seen huge differences. I have also been using them on a rash that wouldn't go away and now it has.

The skin revival cream I use on my face and it is softer and more moisturized than with any other product I have used. Unfortunately you cannot buy these products in America but I am working on that if interested.


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