Is Your Brain Getting Enough of the Right Sugar?

The main function of carbohydrates are to provide energy for the brain and nervous system.  Our brain needs plenty of the right energy to run efficiently. It is a mere 2% of the bodies total weight but uses 10% of all ingested glucose and 20% of oxygen intake.

Brain cells run on twice as much energy as other cells in the body in order to function properly. Your daily mental activity needs a consistent refueling of healthy glucose to concentrate, comprehend and focus.

Eating foods containing good glucose like: fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes, fuels the brain to produce energy; leading to better productivity. The added fiber derived from complex carbohydrates slows down digestion of sugars into the blood, creating a natural time released energy pill.

Consuming foods laced with sugar or high fructose corn syrup like processed foods, create an opposite reaction in the brain; leaving you feeling drowsy, foggy-headed, cranky or depressed.

The difference between complex and simple carbs work this way; eating a complex carb, like an apple or a piece of broccoli, the fiber present slows down the rate sugars enter the blood stream. The body cannot break the fiber down, creating a natural stream of energy time released throughout the day.

Eating a simple carb like refined, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods or drinking fruit juice causes sugar to break down quickly in the bloodstream; which Is why you feel that quick jolt of energy. Keep in mind the sugar crash is never far behind. It’s the middle of the day, you’re sitting at your desk, barely able to keep your eyes open; you start to lose focus or concentrate because your body lacks the nutrients to supply it with enough energy.

When you eat a simple carb type sugary snack, the pancreas goes into overdrive secreting insulin, triggering cells in the body to pull and store any glucose for a later time. This lack of glucose available for mental activity makes your brain start to panic, having lasting effects for hours after.

If your brain isn’t working properly, your body cannot work properly.  If your body cannot work properly it will eventually shut down. Proper nutrition leads to a prolonged and healthier life.  Next time, instead of grabbing for that sugar snack or third cup of coffee to wake you up, grab an apple; the glucose-fiber mix will not only give you that much needed burst, but will give you that burst without the crash.

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