My 30 day pH Level Balance Challenge Starts Today

So I have been researching lately the bodies pH balance levels, how they affect you and the consequences of living life in the more acidic state compared to alkaline.

See Here

Disease and illness cannot live in an alkaline state, it’s pretty fascinating. I’m starting a 30 day testing challenge today, testing myself 3 times a day, to maintain a 60/40 alkaline/acidic blood level.

This is my first test of the day & looks like I’m starting out pretty acidic. Now, in the morning, you will be more acidic then later tests, but this seems to be around a 5.5, which is low.


7.3/4 is the alkaline number you want to be within most of the day, 7.0 is neutral ( which is what your water should test at & a good gauge to see if your test strips are calibrated correctly) and anything below 6.5 is acidic. Looks like today I’ll have my work cut out for me.

I’m interested to see several things with this experiment:

  • how difficult is it to maintain 60/40 alkaline/acidic ratio on a daily basis?
  • how quickly does something bad I eat affect my blood and how long does it take to readjust itself?
  • what is my pH levels after I get glutened?
  • if disease and illness cannot survive in alkaline state, will keeping myself in an alkaline state after being glutened speed up recovery or have any bearing on symptoms?

I will be updating once a week and at the end of one month, I’ll be writing about my conclusions.

These are the testing strips I bought from Amazon, Phinex pH strips

Take the challenge with me and see if your body is swimming more in alkaline or more in acidic.

Change starts one person at a time…


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