Anorexia and the Gluten Free Lifestyle


GlutenFree Bandwagoning gets worse as people with eating disorders claim to be ‘gluten free’ as an excuse to use the restricting diet not to eat. says, “According to a slew of pro-ana (or Pro Anorexia) sites online, a gluten free diet is an ideal cover for ‘restrictive eating’.”  It’s scary to think that there are so many pro-anorexia sites with girls giving tips and helping each other starve themselves.  Please read this article and pass it along to anyone you may know suffering from this.

Here is an excerpt from one of the girls on the site:

Hi all. I wanted to share my secret with all of you. I told everyone I was going to the Dr. because I was having stomach issues. I never went and then a week l8r I told everyone that it was suspected that I was gluten intolerant. It’s extremely common and Gluten is in EVERYTHING. It’s in almost all salad dressings, it’s in most marinades, soy sauce, breads, noodles, beer, oatmeal, almost All cereals just everything. You can’t eat out because you can get glutened through cross contamination as well. You can’t eat anything at fast food places except salad. Even Mc D’s chicken on salad has gluten. My sister has it and she lost a bunch of weight because there is nothing she can eat and it’s just such a common allergy no one 2nd guesses me. Hope u guys are all well and good luck!”

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    • Anna
    • May 16, 2022

    I definitely have met people like this and it gets pretty obvious pretty fast. One girl I know wouldn’t eat anything on the menu I suggested that was clearly gluten free, no steak and potatoes, no plain sushi, etc. She will only eat salad every time we go out when there is clearly gluten free food. It’s inconvenient to people around her since she will always come up with an excuse not to eat and the menu is never gluten free enough, and after changing restaurants and changing tables and everything to make her comfortable eating she still gets lettuce.

  1. Reply

    Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

    1. that is not the point of this article. Why would you choose to be anorexic?

  2. Reply

    Oh, that’s awful. That’s just really sad no matter which way you look at it. Bad for those girls, bad for people with actual health issues with gluten, bad for everyone. 🙁

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