I just received my Handy Dandy GlutenFree Labels from Kelly LeDonni who started Gluten Free Labels after she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. She is a hardworking mother making the world a safer eating place for her and her family one GF label at a time.


In your packet you receive:
8 GF Circle Labels
12 GF Mini Labels
2 GF Rectangular Labels (that you can write specifics on)
1 GF Tag


The tags are great because you can hang them anywhere and on anything, but they are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Help stop cross contamination in your home or kitchen with these handy dandy, colorful labels.


They are also perfect for restaurant kitchens. With the advent of the gluten free fad, more and more restaurants are jumping on the GF bandwagon, as we all know, yet most do not seem concerned about or have knowledge of cross contamination. As we keep educating and hold these restaurants responsible for their glutenfree food to actually be safe to eat, I think these labels are just what they need to separate foods and stations. This way there is no question about what is safe or not because it is labeled and hopefully handled appropriately.


So I give a big shout out to Kelly for forward thinking and trying to make the world a better place for all of us.


I love these labels and think they’re a necessary item for anyone living GlutenFree. GF labels are perfect for food items stored in a shared refrigerator or shared cabinetsat work, school and home. It is scary enough to go out to eat and trust a complete stranger to prepare a non cross contaminated glutenfree meal; why create that type of environment where you feel most comfortable?



Prevent your kitchen, especially a shared one, from turning into a glutening waiting to happen. There are lots of super colorful GF labels to choose from and some even are dishwasher safe. These labels are easy to apply on jars of peanut butter and jelly or bags, containers, lunch boxes… anywhere that cross contamination is possible.


These labels are also perfect for Restaurant Kitchens with areas that need to be clearly labeled GLUTENFREE. Cross Contamination is a seriously problem that is a growing trend in restaurants today and the Celiac Community is very aware. Help make your kitchen safe through GF labeling and education.


Find Out More About Kelly


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