I am super excited about this GlutenFreeGal Great Book Giveaway. Not only are there 3 great books by three fantastical authors, that are must have's for anyone with Celiac or living gluten free, but I highly respect each one for advocating and continually participating in spreading the gluten free word.

Enter Now and Win  'Gluten Freedom' by Dr. Alessio Fasano, 'Good Food Fast' by Chef Jason Roberts and 'Adam's Gluten Free Surprise' by Debbie Simpson.

Here is a little snippet about what you'll receive:

1. Gluten Freedom - Dr. Alessio Fasano


The must have book for anyone who wants to truly understand the gluten phenomenon, Celiac Disease and NCGS and Wheat Allergy.

Dr Fasano is more than an expert, he is The Expert with infinite wisdom on a constant quest for more answers. And he is funny. Laugh out loud funny. In a serious book on a serious topic. The Science and history and future of gluten and gluten related disorders are jam packed in this book, along with recipes and humor! I use this book as a guide and reference continually.

More information:

Turner Publishing
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2. "GOOD FOOD FAST!" Chef Jason Roberts

Chef Jason RobertsIn todays world, time is something that most of wish we had more of, especially when it comes to eating habits. In Chef Jason's new cook book, you will find amazing fresh food recipes that are simple to make, with easy to follow instructions; just like the title, Good Food Fast.

From juicing to BLT with Avocado to slow-roasted pork shoulder with garlic, fennel and chili, 'Good Food Fast' has something for everyone.  Are you ready to channel your inner chef, amaze your taste buds and feel like a gourmet in half the time it takes for delivery? 

Good Food Fast

Jason Roberts

 3. "Adam's Gluten Free Surprise" Debbie Simpson


Managing a gluten free lifestyle as an adult is challenging, but as a child it is incredibly difficult, as well as quite overwhelming dealing with gluten free eating in school and social settings.

Adapting to social situations, educating, building awareness and understanding are key to a gluten free child's survival. This book is not only a great read for gf kids to realize they are not alone in their challenges, but also a fantastic resource for schools, nurses and educators to improve understanding throughout the whole community.  This book should be in every child's school library.

More Info on Debbie:


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    • Judy
    • March 16, 2015

    I haven’t heard of any of these books. That’s a great offer. Thanks

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