Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity are NOT A FAD, it’s real!

I have said it before and I will say it again, Celiac Disease is real! “just one noodle won’t hurt” yes it will. “oh there is just a little flour, not a big deal” yes, for me it is! Touching wheat flour and then making my food, yes it will affect me, maybe not everyone else, but me it will. With the advent of so many people jumping on the fad wagon of glutenfree only lessons the seriousness of CD. For all those non-believers out there, I suggest you come and take care of me after I have been glutened and maybe you will understand our plight a little bit more.

The best example is restaurants being completely irresponsible with adding GF next to a food item and having no real knowledge of what that means or the cross contamination that goes along with it. When it’s just about bringing in more customers to come in and eat, it becomes a dangerous mix for people with gluten issues. There is a responsibility that goes along with GF and if your food makes me and others like me sick, you need to be held liable.

Going gluten free is not for everyone, but for me it is the only way to combat Celiac Disease. But a glutenfree diet can also lack in vitamins, especially B and fiber, so making sure you are not deficient is extremely important. Wheat has become nothing but a filler, which is why it is in everything from food to vitamin/aspirin coatings, cosmetics, children’s toys, the glue on the back of mailing envelopes, etc… It is over processed and lacks the nutritional value it once had. Basically wheat nowadays is nothing more than sugar and continues to add to the obesity, diabetes and cancers on the rise in our country, as does all the processed foods most Americans consume on a daily basis. If you have no problem with wheat or gluten, by no means am I telling you to stop eating what makes you happy. Do I think it is healthier to wean wheat and the processed foods that usually go along with it out of your diet and perpetuate that thought, yes I do, it is healthier for you and your body.

From all the research I continually do all day, everyday, gluten is hard on your system, your body, and your mind. Even those gluten eaters can attest to the fact that after they eat a big pasta meal or load up on bread, your energy dissipates and a tired cloud overtakes you. I am not telling anyone what to do, the choice is up to you and that is why I started this page, to educate and bring other choices to light. Not to mention hopefully bring a safe place to those out there who have suffered or are suffering and do not know where to turn.

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity are NOT A FAD, they are real and have real harmful effects on the body. So please stop telling me I’m a “hypochondriac” or roll your eyes when I order, or assure me there is no gluten in something when there is because you think a little won’t hurt. This is not a choice for me, this is a way of life I am forced to live, so please respect me and my way of life and I will do that for you as well.

Thank you.

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    • eddie
    • January 30, 2014

    Hello fellow Celiac..

    It is almost as if you took the words right out of mouth. I totally understand when you mentioned the difficulty restaurants using the GF word and they absolutely don’t live by the code as we do and don’t realize the grief we will endure once we’ve been glutened and feeling ill again.. In fact if non believer could even experience the hot knife fire burning neuropathic pain, the severe depression, the gastric disturbances and stomach pain, the skin irritation and whatever else you or our brothers and sisters feel from the mere smallest dust partical of gluten, maybe then would they become aware of this extremely severe autoimmune and debilitating disease of malnutrition ..

    I can hear your bitterness that ignorance is abundant .. I understand..

    I am one of many im sure, Im opening a 150% gluten free restaurant in California, may e you should try to do something yourself that somewhat contributes to helping others like us..?

    There are some really great products and great recipes of which you can make which is more cost effective than buying the product already made ..

    Take care, stay strong and Be Well!


    1. Hi Ed and thank you for commenting. I wouldn’t classify my words as bitter, more like extremely frustrated at the time of this post. This post is not only about myself, but the hundreds of people I have talked to, messaged with, or read about, who also are dealing with the issues and or ramifications with dining out gluten free. For me, I generally do not eat out much, I choose to prepare most of my food, because yes, it is safer as well as more cost effective. But, there are the times you are joining friends out, etc. Around the time of this post I was in Chicago for a conference and eating out more then usual. I was very surprised and impressed at the lengths some restaurants were going to make sure and take the time to understand the seriousness of no gluten, cross contamination, and safety. There were also those restaurants unfortunately, that had little GF’s next to many food items, yet when asked about ingredients, some came back having gluten in the recipe , which they did not realize or not enough care in dealing with cross contamination so I probably should not eat it. This is fadwagoning and restaurants need to be educated. I applaud your efforts in creating a gluten free restaurant, that is brilliant and would love to visit one day. But there are thousands out there that aren’t GF yet offer GF items that are getting people sick. And people need to know it is ok to be frustrated and to speak up. To not be afraid to ask questions and how to deal with the roll of the eyes, because they are not alone. we are in this together.

      You asked this question but I am not sure what it is you are asking of me…
      “I am one of many I’m sure, Im opening a 150% gluten free restaurant in California, maybe you should try to do something yourself that somewhat contributes to helping others like us..?”

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