Calling All MEN of GLUTEN-FREE: Celiac Disease NEEDS YOU

NEEDED are the Many Faces of GLUTEN-FREE MEN

This May is Celiac Awareness Month so let’s RAISE AWARENESS!!

Yep, it has been almost a year since that fateful day Hoda on Today Show said in not so many words, that gluten free men were not ‘REAL MEN’ and a “TURN-OFF”.  

Apparently a man asking if there is an ingredient in his meal that could possibly make him debilitatingly ill, is somehow dainty and unattractive. See video below courtesy of the GlutenDude

Let’s prove her wrong!


**There are 2 ways to get Involved:

*Looking for Men who care about Celiac Disease, Education and the absolute need for more Awareness. Men who aren’t afraid to celebrate who YOU really are:


Represent the many faces world-wide, of Gluten Free Men out there suffering from celiac or gluten related issues.

Please send a photo to In a few words tell me why Gluten Free has helped improve your life. All I ask is that for the photo: have fun, be the sexy confident man you are and use your Gluten Free Imagination.


*If you are interested in being one of the sponsors or including product in basket, please email me. If you would like your face to be included on the cover representing one of the many faces of GF MEN, please submit photo or headshot.

*Thank You Everyone for sending in your photos and being so supportive to Create CELIAC AWARENESS!

*Proceeds of calendar will go to creating a program for schools to generate more awareness of Celiac Disease and to create safer food options in their cafeterias.

*If you would like to share your story, please email me at




About Kirsten Berman GlutenFreeGal

GlutenFreeGal living with Celiac Disease and Changing the American Food System
one person at a time


  1. Hoda is so ignorant, naive and plain ol not smart that it’s ashamed she has a voice to the mainstream the way she does. It’s laughable to see how irresponsible and ridiculous she speaks as if it’s another language. You know what’s a real turn off, her stupidity on the gluten-free movement. I’d love to see her blood tests and see if her body is fighting anything! ha


  2. I don’t personally place much value in the Today show, nor any “main stream” media.

    I’m Coeliac.



    • I generally don’t either EN, but if we can use this situation to raise more awareness, then so be it.


      • I guess my thought would be to work toward raising awareness and promoting the facts that might de-bunk what a mainstream TV ‘personality’ has said without and this is key WITHOUT acknowledging, citing, or referencing what they said or whom they are is the path I would much prefer be taken…

        We don’t need to give her more credence, we don’t need to give her more eye balls, we don’t need to promote the fact that she even exists.. If references must be made to what was said, it ( i would believe ) would better serve if her name, show and network were not mentioned directly, but only in a “Well known talk show host from major network stated something to the effect of Real Men Don’t Have Coeliacs” then you can be more salacious with remarks as well when you don’t have to quote and name names.

        that’s my 25 cents..




      • I suppose I am looking at it a different way. I don’t feel as if this is giving her credence, I feel we are taking her mistake and creating a positive experience out of it and education about celiac awareness and what that really entails. Maybe next time when the subject comes up she will know a little more and pass on the info.

        Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance is just going to become more prominent and the more we can educate those that have millions of viewers, the better of we are I believe. Maybe nothing will come of it but I am trying anyway.


      • It’s great idea, it’s wonderful intent.. there is only good in the purpose and intent.

        My only assertion, my only lamentation, my only persistent submission would be that the intent and cause would be better served by not distracting causality or justification with a single media entities expressed ignorance.. :)

        but I tend to always see ‘lamestream’ media in that light ;)



      • i understand and tend to agree but this is who our media is and this is who people are watching. it is unfortunate, like fox news, but it is what it is. So why not join them and use it as a platform for more awareness because we all know, WE NEED MORE CELIAC AWARENESS. We may not agree but we can play nice to help get our ideas across. Because that is what we ultimately want, people to know and understand what we go through.


  3. 2013 Celiac says:

    Great response! Trust me, you don’t want me to be on the calendar – especially without clothes – so I’ll decline on volunteering. :) But good luck with the project!

    I agree on the mainstream media – news has been replaced by infotainment, and it’s sad to see.


    • You don’t have I take your clothes off at all to be involved. I would love you to be included as one of the men representing gf men today. The cover will be many faces of men all over the world suffering from gluten related issues. If you don’t mind sharing your face on the cover mixed in among many, that would be fabulous.


  4. 2013 Celiac says:

    Sounds great, I’d love to do that! Should I send it to the email address you mentioned on twitter?


  5. I hope to God her family, friends or self never gets diagnosed…although we would help her anyway, you can never take back your words.


  6. Not a man (or a calendar model) but great idea! Love this. :)


  7. Monica Bradley says:

    Whoo Hoo, when do these calendars come out?! I want one for sure!



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