GLUTENFREEGAL UNDER FIRE from Executive Director of CSA over Freedom of Speech

I have not been quiet about Omission barley made Beer NOT being gluten free. I have also not been quiet about the recent seal of approval the Celiac Sprue Association decided to bestow upon Omission Beer.  Nor have I changed my opinion based on the  threat of possible lawsuit for slander.  CSA says that it is new innovation that drives this approval. 

“Future:  Innovation in agriculture, processing and testing are encouraged.
With validated elimination of celiac toxic amino acid sequences, in the future a product may qualify for the CSA Recognition Seal with celiac special wheat, barley, rye and oats. Promising: Watch for varieties of wheat, barley, rye and oats that are consistently absent of the celiac toxic amino acid sequences. Watch for refined processing systems for wheat, barley, rye or oats that remove the celiac toxic amino acid sequences. Watch for commercial testing procedure advances. As innovative manufacturing processes and gluten-detection methods emerge, the variety of food and beverage choices for celiacs and other gluten sensitive consumers is expanding.”

Confusing? A little disheveled & hard to read? As if figuring out what gluten free means for a lot of people, now we have to figure out what, “elimination of celiac toxic amino acid sequences” means?  Where is the long term research to go along with this new innovation?

In an email to Erin Smith of GlutenFreeFun, Mary Schluckebier had this to say:

“When the known barley celiac toxic amino acid sequences of the proteins that were in the beginning ingredients are absent as validated by beginning and ending mass spectrometry that represents a product that has been rendered non-celiac toxic.   Mathematically, this would place the product below 5 ppm.

From what I have read, Gluten is extremely complex with over 100 proteins, so I would like to know more about this technology.

How are you able to turn some proteins off? What exactly is happening to the protein? How is it being removed?

On Wednesday, @USNewsHealth held an open #GlutenChat on twitter, inviting all to join. One of the many articles I tweeted was, Celiac Sprue Association Sells Out to Omission Beer.  This article is based on facts I have researched from the CSA, Omission, FDA & TTB websites, as well as statements made directly by the executive director of CSA and my opinion based on those facts.

Maybe because there were so many people involved, something about this tweet struck a nerve and I received this message from Executive Director, Mary A. Schluckebier:

@kirsten__berman Your Twitter comment will be sent to our legal counsel for review. False statements with damages are libelous. @MASchluckebier

I am glad that Ms. Schluckebier reached out when she did, I was worried this topic was being left on the backpage.

Here is a link to the article she is calling “libelous”:

Celiac Sprue Association Sells Out to Omission Beer

My follow up article:
The OMNIPOTENT Celiac Sprue Association Complete with Bad Excuses & Contradictions

Here are links to the previous articles I have written pertaining to Omission barley made Beer:



FDA Regulations say Omission Beer is still NOT Gluten-Free

**Let me also add that since publishing some of my articles, CSA has since updated their website

** FOR FURTHER INFO on Comments Made By CSA or its Representatives Please Go To:
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  1. says:

    Very nice.

    Fred Steiner FMS Products


  2. Jennifer H. says:

    I loved that you have struck a nerve. Personally, I wondered how long the WHEAT barons would go before they started worrying about their bottom line changing. You cannot walk through the grocery store without noticing every wheat product. And I believe the WHEAT industry is behind the Center For Disease Control’s low number in saying how many are affected by WHEAT GLUTEN. Yes, it is my theory, I don’t have proof. But if we are descendants of Europeans, where Celiac affects 1 in 86 people, why is that number different here?

    I believe they are lying because less people will believe they have this issue. And less companies will look into doing wheat alternative products.

    So, Omission Beer is someones way of trying to trick us into something, or so it seems. Hmm, I am not a beer drinker. But I would not want to drink or eat anything that was not honestly gluten free, or at least stated that it tested a less than 20 ppm.

    I noticed that Metamucil, the fiber supplement, does say that their products test to be less the 20 ppm. That is being honest. What I don’t like is, yes there is a law that states if you label it Gluten Free, it has to test at less than 20 ppm. So, what if it has 19 ppm? I want to know what it tested at.

    And I have not read the law personally, but what about how often a product gets tested? What about making sure these companies keep things on file? To me this law was not about protecting those who needed to live gluten free. Rather it was about protecting big industries from law suits!



    • This law definitely was for big companies and manufacturers not for the people. If you can’t make a product that’s tested at 5ppm or lower then don’t make it. The few responsible companies who are willing to test that low will be the ones I buy from. Let’s take our food back!


  3. Unbelievable. There’s so much controversy about CSA endorsing Omission beer and so they’re going after you because you’re making people aware of it? They seem to have forgotten about the people they serve.


  4. I think the most comical part of Mary’s emails to me was the one on November 21st: “Please consider rejoining CSA. Beginning in January, there will be more ways for members to be active in consumer protection.”

    Um, SORRY MARY. I was a member of the CSA in the 1980s. I would NEVER give another cent to that organization nor will I encourage others to join their group. It is unfortunate that some of the local CSA chapters are doing their best to educate the celiac community under an umbrella of confusion and contradiction.


  5. Really!? They’re threatening to sue you! Amazing… it means you’ve struck a nerve, though. That’s a good sign. They can’t sue – its a free country!


  6. Did you see the June 2014 Gluten-Free Living? Here is the best part of an article on the CSA awarding Omission the seal… “Schluckebier says she was not aware of negative reactions to CSA’s seal on the beer.”


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