My Post Newbie GF Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Wow, ok so this was my first Gluten Free Thanksgiving dinner, well, my first Thanksgiving dinner ever. I was more than a little nervous if it would come out, if it would taste good, and if I could really pull this off.

Thank goodness for a friend who jumped in and helped me prepare, because I completely underestimated the length of time it would take to create the whole meal. Holy Moly it takes a long time to make a Holiday dinner. My grandma would be rolling her eyes at that last comment but this whole experience just makes me appreciate her even more.

I definitely learned a few do’s and don’t’s for next year and I will happily share them with you.


The homemade GF spinach dip was made with frozen and fresh spinach, greek yogurt sour cream, garlic, salt, pepper and dried herbs.


For the turkey rub I used a recipe from I made a mixture using coconut oil, fresh chopped rosemary, garlic & basil. I rubbed under and above the skin of the turkey & it came out so incredibly juicy.

The one mistake I made was not taking the tinfoil off for the top to brown and get all crispy before I took it out of oven. I don’t have a picture of the finished turkey because we were a little anxious to eat.

For the gravy I used the turkey drippings and the boiled broth from the turkey innards, a little bit of cornstarch, dried herbs and brilliant!

20131128-113318.jpg20131202-123152.jpg securedownload-1

For the Green Bean Casserole, I made my own GF cream of mushroom soup that came out thick, tasty, & amazing.

The one mistake I made was making it the night before and refrigerating it. The next day it had thinned out and never really got back to its original state, though I did get it very close.

I also learned that soaking the onions in milk for a bit before you coat them, helps peel the membrane off and coating sticks better. I also used organic coconut oil for the frying. Leaves no coconut taste but I think it’s healthier.

20131128-113451.jpg 20131128-113441.jpg20131128-113501.jpg20131128-113308.jpg20131202-122229.jpg

I used Udi’s & Schar’s GF Bread with Udi’s delicious stuffing recipe. I left the bread out for three days but was not completely stale, so I buttered, added garlic salt and toasted it all. I broke all the bread up, added chicken broth, onions, fennel, celery and herbs.

20131202-123440.jpg 20131202-123333.jpg

My marshmallow, pecan Yams came out beautifully. Though we ate the crispy marshmallows off the first time it came out of the oven so we had to add some more and throw it back in the toaster for a second round.


My mashed potatoes are always fattening and silky. I like using red potatoes with the skins: cream cheese, a little sour cream, butter, lemon pepper, garlic salt, salt n pepper.


Here is my homemade gluten free blueberry pie that actually came out… it actually came out and was good!!! I was a little worried. To go with it I made coconut milk whip cream.

20131128-113246.jpg 20131128-113255.jpg

Here’s the final meal and my plate…that I ate from for the next hour. My biscuits unfortunately, did not fair very well, they came out more like hard biscuits that should be smothered in gravy instead of anything light n flakey. And I forgot to make the cranberries. I didn’t notice until we were sitting down to eat. There’s always Christmas dinner.

20131203-102940.jpg 20131202-123350.jpg

And I got out with only one burn…


I am still eating leftovers and sent my guests home with leftovers as well. It seemed I made enough food to feed at least 8. I didn’t get to make my Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies because of time, but I am definitely putting those on my next menu.

The biggest thing I learned is to NOT GET STRESSED! I was so busy running around, trying to get everything done, when I burned my arm.  After that, I finally took a breath, a swallow of wine, and relaxed.  It was all going to be splendid, hard as a rock biscuits and all.

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  1. Congratulations! Looks like it turned out great.


  2. looks like it all turned out delicious! congrats on your first gluten free dinner!


  3. Wow it looks great. Congratulations! I love all these great TG ideas.. its giving me lots of ideas for Christmas. I think next year I’m going to adopt an American and have my own TG!


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