Are You Heating all the Nutritional Benefits out of your Food?


How many of you out there cook and eat at home? If my fellow Celiac’s are reading this, then probably more than not, considering this is the place we feel safest eating. Have you ever thought about the pots and pans you’re cooking with and the toxic quality that might come hand in hand with […]

Enter to WIN a HUGE BASKET of GF GOODIES from the GlutenAway Virtual Expo


Alrighty Folks, the Gluten Away Expo is coming to a close, so check it out before it goes. And thank you to the amazing Taylor Miller @GlutenAway, I have one BIG Goodie Basket filled today with 22 Gluten Free snacks coming your way.   ENTER HERE TO WIN HERE All you have to do to win is enter […]

What is a Microbiome & How Does it Affect your Health? by Dr. Zyrowski


Hi Gluten Free Gal Followers! My name is Dr. Nick Zyrowski with NuVision Health Center. My friend Kirsten is so passionate about helping transform lives by spreading the message of true health to thousands. She has invited me to share some cutting edge science about the microbiome that affects each and every one of us […]

Short Video of Dr Alessio Fasano on Celiac Disease


At the beginning of June I attended the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Dr. fasano speak for the first time, he is remarkable. Dr. Fasano is world renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and research scientist and founder of the Center for celiac research at Mass General, which is the leading […]

‘Featured’ Celiac UPDATE You Don’t Want to Miss

photo cropped 7.3.14

Gerry is a wonder and an inspiration of how someone can turn their life around in a very short time when given the right tools of nutrition, a little shove and some guidance. Just a few short months ago Gerry and his wife thought he was going to die.  He had been suffering for over […]

Gluten-Free FAD FAD FAD… Will it Ever STOP!


I am writing this today because it has been awhile since I ranted or have been ‘glutened’.  Now I have been glutened twice in the past month and I am ready to spew. One of the biggest problems we are facing as a community is dealing with the masses thinking that gluten free is a […]

My 4th of July GLUTEN-FREE picks for Drinks & Dessert


The 4th of July and a three day weekend has arrived.  Growing up in Chicago watching the fireworks on the lakefront was something I looked forward to every year.  This year now that I live in LA, I will be down in the marina, sitting by the ocean with friends enjoying a whole new fireworks […]

Advocates Inspire Me


Gluten Free Beauty Products & Celiac Disease


Robin is a colleague of mine that I met through LinkedIn.  We started chatting over beauty products, she was one of the winners of my, Win Gluten Freedom from Dr. Fasano, contest and after starting his book she emailed me this message, “I just read the exhaustive list of symptoms of Celiac Disease. I cried. I […]

Diary of a Celiac Waitress


Last night I was helping a neighbor out who needed a waitress in his restaurant. Busy night, people called off, so I said yes. It’s a small, authentic Italian restaurant, fresh food; great place if you eat gluten. One of my last customers of the evening was this lovely young couple out on a date. […]

B2 Needs You! Are You Getting Enough B Vitamin?


    Eating your daily rainbow of minerals and vitamins from fresh, whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle is essential for the body to run properly. Riboflavin is one of the 8 essential B vitamins your body on it’s own does not make or store; so make sure you are getting what you need […]

Meet the Wonderful & Amazing GF & Paleo Chef Alain Braux

Chef Alain

Have you had the chance to meet Alain Braux? He’s an amazing, do it all kind of guy as an executive chef, author, speaker, advocate, nutrition therapist, and I’m lucky to say, my friend as well.  He is also our gluten free calendar man for the month of October and simply adorable. Without further ado, meet Chef […]

GMOs and Your Health: What is the Connection? (Guest Post)

chef alain fb

Originally posted on It's an Itchy Little World:
I’m not going to lie. Genetically modified food scares the pants of me. Why? Probably mostly because the truth is unknown. I don’t believe there are any long-term studies, conducted by neutral, unbiased scientists that have successfully proven they are safe or harmful to our bodies…

Fellow Gluten Free-er Mark David Nell Shares his Story


I find myself relating to what Mark David Nell went through because I had many similar symptoms; most of them at the same time.  Mark has become an advocate with his website The Real Gluten Free Guy, sharing information and spreading awareness.  Take a few minutes and meet:   1. How did you figure out it […]

What are Vitamin Deficiencies?


   Day in and day out we run our bodies into the ground working overtime, stressing out; choosing the cookie over the apple or a double something filled with everything over anything else.  Let’s discuss two ways a vitamin deficiency may facilitate: intestinal issues and general bad diet.  With the general bad diet, you are not providing the body […]

Are You Getting the Right Nutrients your Body Needs?


Here’s a quick list of the Essential Nutrients the Body does Not produce on its own and depends on you to provide thru proper nutrition: B complex – cucumber, avocado, chia seeds, lentils, walnuts B12 – avocados, cabbage, cauliflower, beans & lentils, nuts, egg yolks, organic soy, walnuts Vitamin A – watermelon, eggs, red bell […]

Starfish, Celiac, and Once upon a time… Be Part of the Solution


Many people have heard this story in one form or another, it’s one of my favorites; inspiring me and reminding me, change does start with one person at a time. One day a little girl is walking down by the ocean and she sees thousands of starfish washed along the shore. Unsure of what she […]

A little Friday Inspiration…


Celiac Conference & Gluten Free Expo – June 7-8


This coming June 7-8, the Celiac Disease Foundation will be hosting the National Conference and Gluten Free Expo in Pasadena, CA.  The days are filled with insight, information, lots of edible goodies, and of course plenty of swag to fill your bag to take home and try.  Not to mention there will be a sponsored blogger table […]

Meet Brendon O’Neill from ‘Gluten-Free 4 Men’


Brendon is a single dad, entrepreneur, a glutenfree-er and one of our calendar men. His company, Gluten Free for Men, makes pretty tasty BBQ sauce that I can use on just about anything, so I definitely recommend you try it. He’s also created an “online man cave” to satisfy all of your manly GF needs.  […]


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