Here are 3 Ways to Support Celiac Disease Awareness


  Celiac Awareness Month is in May and there are so many people getting involved this year Educating and Spreading the Word. 1 in every 133 people are diagnosed with Celiac Disease but only a third have been diagnosed. Here are three ways to Get more Involved Now:   *The Annual Food & Wine Gluten […]

Meet Britt Reid – Gluten not only Attacked his Body, but Consumed it


Brit Reid, one of the many faces of gluten-free men, has an incredible story concerning his struggle with Celiac Disease and Mental Health. Gluten not only attacked him, but consumed him, sending his life spiraling mercilessly out of control. Leaving those around him to pick up the pieces.   1. When did you realize you had Celiac […]

Bringing Celiac Awareness to Life through Film… Let’s Meet the Filmmaker


Celiac Disease is an Autoimmune Disease that can develop at any time, at any age, affecting 1 in 133 people. Wheat, Rye, and Barley are the main glutenous culprits to stay away from. When someone with Celiac ingests gluten, the immune system sees it as an invader, but through mixed messages, attacks small intestine instead […]

Is Your Brain Getting Enough of the Right Sugar?


  Our brain needs plenty of the right energy to run properly. It is a mere 2% of the bodies total weight but uses 10% of all ingested glucose and 20% of oxygen intake. Eating good glucose from carbohydrates such as: fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes, is the fuel your brain needs and uses to produce energy, […]

Now that I have Your Attention Gluten-Free Men… Let’s Raise Awareness!!!


May is Celiac Awareness Month and it’s time to Raise Awareness and Educate around the world. We have the unique opportunity to have a whole month dedicated to us, the Celiac Community.  How are YOU going to Raise Awareness?   Let’s Raise Awareness through the many faces of Gluten Free Men!  I think this is an issue […]

A little bit of Friday Poetry


This is Who I Am celiac disease Does Not Define Me It reminds me Everyday why we do what we do muddling thru Taking a Stand Making a Change Paving the WaY

More BANG for Your Budget Buck… Check my Great Finds this week…


This weeks ‘budget finds’ are from the $.99 cent Store and from regular grocery, (Vons) Pavilions.  A lot of things I am ok with buying from $.99 cent store, especially my produce.  As much as I would always love to buy Organic, it’s just not feasible.  So, I do what I can when I can. […]

Calling All MEN of GLUTEN-FREE: Celiac Disease NEEDS YOU


NEEDED are the Many Faces of GLUTEN-FREE MEN This May is Celiac Awareness Month so let’s RAISE AWARENESS!! Yep, it has been almost a year since that fateful day Hoda on Today Show said in not so many words, that gluten free men were not ‘REAL MEN’ and a “TURN-OFF”.   Apparently a man asking if there is an […]

GLUTEN FREE-ERS, Do You Have an Emergency Disaster Bag Packed?


  Recently California has had several brushes with earthquakes lately that seemingly are growing stronger. This last one was a 5.1. Not to mention the crazy wildfires that light the whole pacific coast ablaze, leaving many homeless. After the earthquake, I was on Facebook n twitter, along with hundreds of other people talking about the rumbles.  I started tweeting […]

Himalayan Crystal, Iodized Table & Sea Salt… What’s the Difference?


  There are people that say that Himalayan Salt has many healing properties. I use pink salt for cooking and I have a salt bar that I rub my toothbrush on before I brush my teeth. I long threw away the regular iodized table salt. Why do we need salt? We need small amounts to […]

After years of eating his own food, it has finally caught up to ole Ronnie McDonald


Thank you for this great picture.

WOW, all that EXPO WEST food did a DOOZIE on My Body & pH Balance


Whew, what a crazy last two weeks trying all the new products from Expo West and giving you the best of (what I saw) the best.  But it was indulging in the best and the worst for almost 2 weeks that made my body turn on me. All through the expo and then after, I had […]

Here’s 5 Fresh Yummy Salad Recipes


I love salads, somehow though, they always taste better when I am eating them out.  But since I have been doing more cooking at home, I’ve been finding easy to make recipes that make me feel like I am eating out.  Here’s my most recent 5… Stuffed Grilled Tomatoes by The Spinach Spot Asian Cobb […]

The Last of the New Expo West Products


Ok folks, this is the last of the Expo West Products I’ll be posting this week.  There were so many products and people I didn’t get to see or try, we need one more day at Expo because it is way too big.  So, if anyone out there from Expo West is listening, for next […]

More Expo West Gluten Free Products I like


date me Bars by Whole Me *The ingredients pretty much speak for themselves Wholesome Sweetener Organic Pancake Syrup w/ Birch Benders Organic & GMO-free Pancake & Waffle Mix & Mehls Flour Company Pancake Mix – because I love Mehl’s Coconut Chips from bare *GMO-free & Baked Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Kettle Chips from Tyrrells […]

My TOP 20 New Products from EXPO WEST


Humboldt Hot Sauce *Move over Tapatio here comes Humboldt…This hot sauce has 3 different flavors from mild to burn your tongue, tangy & full of flavor. My fave is Island Style. Ezra’s Feta Cheese *Hands down this Feta is the best I have ever tasted. So moist and creamy, full of flavor yumminess. The feta […]

Green Green Green, Here’s Some of my Fave St. Patty’s Day GFree Recipes


  Here are some of my favorite recipes this St. Patty’s Day, enjoy!!   Gluten-Free St. Patrick’s Day Everything You Need, from Beer to Corned Beef and Cabbage from Jane Anderson at Corned Beef & Cabbage Bean Soup from Carol Kicinski Kale Chips from Shamrock Shake Cupcakes from Gluten Free on a Shoestring […]

A Few Words from Dr. Andrew Weil – World Renowned Leader in the Field of Integrative Medicine


Recently while attending the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California, I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Andrew Weil. A Harvard graduate and world-renowned leader in the field of integrative medicine, speaking to a standing room only audience. One of the first things that Dr. Weil talked about was, “doctors essentially receive no […]

Feature Friday: Meet the infamous GlutenDude & his take on GlutenFree


You all know the GlutenDude… he’s that shy, introverted, Celiac Disease activist we all love and sometimes love to hate. He’s honest and it’s that kind of straight up honesty that stirs the pot, gets people’s attention and angers some. Most of the time though, the only thing that gets people’s attention are those three […]

An Allergic Foodie Admits Mistakes

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Originally posted on Adventures of an Allergic Foodie:
At the risk of losing a few readers who rely on me for gluten-free and allergy-friendly wisdom, today I’m coming clean. Ready? An Allergic Foodie has made some mistakes. Some really, really bad mistakes. To my defense, that little piece of paper the allergist handed me listing…


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